Indoor integrated navigation equipment

Integrated navigation equipmentfor rescue personnel location tracking technology

Indoor integrated navigation equipment is commercialized by Insung International Company with the Patented Technology,developed by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Seoul National University and Konkuk University

When the Power and Communications are blocked during extreme situations such as fire disaster, this equipment notifies the location of the lifeguards on its own power and communication components for them to perform the work safely.

Configuration of equipment consists of a main-body, gait sensor module, DAP, and monitoring S / W. Lifeguards wear the main-body and the gait sensor module, and place the multiple DAP one by one in the proper position within the fire disaster area.When the position information transmitted from the walking sensor module by using the wireless transmission network between the monitoring system in the body, the monitoring system shows the information of the position and status of the rescue person in the monitor, within 5 meters position error in 50 meters in diameter.

Equipment Components

Rescuers Entry Tracking


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